Business According to press speculation: ams: Investigations into possible insider...

According to press speculation: ams: Investigations into possible insider trading – but not against companies – ams shares partially lose profits | message


However, there are investigations into possible insider trading against people who “either have a connection with ams or cannot do so,” the company said. At the time of the initiation of the investigation, its subject, course, or conclusion, no information had been provided by the FMA.

The night before, ams had responded to a newspaper report and announced that it had heard of no investigation or request from a supervisory authority in connection with the trading activities of its top management in ams shares.

The Handelsblatt reported in its online edition on Thursday that the Austrian financial market authorities were investigating ams’ management team, allegedly dubious stock transactions were being scrutinized in the ongoing takeover of the lighting group OSRAM. The investigation is said to have started six months ago. The media reports refer to past allegations made by media in 2019, according to ams.

Ams shares gained 6.79 percent to CHF 14.95 in early trading on the Swiss stock exchange. Over the course of time, however, the share certificate changed sign and ultimately gave up 1.71 percent to CHF 13.76. In the low it had dropped to CHF 12.72.


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