Absorbed! Cooking Oil Prices Have Really Dropped Here, So This Is It

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Cooking oil has now flooded the modern retail shelves. This condition is different when compared to when the government still imposed the highest retail price (HET) for cooking oil of IDR 14,000 per liter for packaged cooking oil, IDR 13,500 for bulk cooking oil, and IDR 11,500 per liter for bulk cooking oil.

Although it is easy to obtain, domestic cooking oil prices have not returned to the position before 2022. Cooking oil prices are dominated by price discount programs. Price reductions are also not evenly distributed across regions in Indonesia.

The Jakarta Food Information Site noted that the price of bulk cooking oil on Wednesday (11/5/2022) fell by Rp. 114 to Rp. 19,528 per kg. Meanwhile, the Strategic Food Price Information Center (PIHPS) noted that the national average price on May 11 fell by Rp100 to Rp19,100 per kg.

The following is the development of branded cooking oil prices, both in pouches and bottles, with sizes of 1 and 2 liters, according to recent monitoring by CNBC Indonesia in various locations.

The price of cooking oil at Indomaret Villa Duta, Bogor.

1. Fitri in 2 liter bottles IDR 50,700

2. Sania 2 liter pouch packaging Rp48,900

3. Sovia pouch packaging discount from Rp 46,700 Rp 45,600

The label says the discount program runs from May 11 to May 15, 2022.

The price of cooking oil in Alfamidi, Pondok Gede.

1. Tropical 2 liter 52.000

2. Film 2 liters 54,000

3. Bimoli 2 liter 51,200

4. Sunco 2 circuit 53,700

5. Fortune 2 liter 52.500

6. Delicious 2 liters 52,200

7. Key Mas 2 liter 54,200

The price of cooking oil at the Indomaret outlet, South Bekasi.

1. Sovia 2 liter pouch packaging discount from Rp48,700 to Rp45,600

2. Sania packs a 2 liter pouch with a discount from IDR 48,900 to IDR 45,800

3. Fortune 2 liter pouch packaging discount from Rp48,800 to Rp45,700

Meanwhile, prices in Alfamidi are around South Bekasi as of May 11, 2022.

1. Sunco 2 liter pouch packaging discount from Rp53,700 to Rp49,500

2. Sovia 2 liter pouch packaging discount from Rp52,400 to Rp46,300

3. Sania packs a 1 liter pouch discount from IDR 27,000 to 23,700

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