Absalom’s Separation Details: No blow from clear skies

When the singer on May Day announced on social networks the collapse of a relationship that was not saved even by the sons Thaddeus (5) and Matthew (2), according to the web Blesk.cz Horn had been moved for several days. Although it is Absolonová usually very open, this life collision has been in front of her fans for quite some time. On the contrary, the image of Horna and their two sons, which did not reveal anything about the difficult domestic situation, fueled the illusion of family well-being.

7 falls of Honza Dědek: Trapas Absolonová with Gott! I was emotionally arid!

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“It’s May 1st, love time and my two life’s loves kissed me under a tree. And since I don’t have the energy to keep something a secret, I would like to tell you that Tomáš and I broke up… It’s sad, painful and personal, but unfortunately it’s also life, “she wrote out of the picture with Tadeáš and Matouš with an addition that, as usual, there were more reasons to break up. And you probably had to be really serious …

Slimming Absolonová on František Janeček’s birthday: I’m thinking about going!

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