About Action After the Match Photos, Samantha Kerr: Indonesian Women’s National Team Players Are Funny


Indonesian Women’s national team players pose for a photo with Australian Women’s national team players during the group stage of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup at the Mumbai Arena Stadium, Mumbai, Friday (21/1/2022).

BOLASPORT.COM – Women’s national team star Australia, Samantha Kerr respects Indonesia as an opponent and that’s why he took a photo with the players Indonesian women’s national team post-match.

Indonesian Women’s National Team must recognize the strength of the women’s national team Australia in the group stage 2022 Women’s Asian Cup at the Mumbai Arena Stadium, Mumbai, Friday (21/1/2022).

Garuda Pertiwi had to be willing to have their goal burglarized 18 times by a team nicknamed Matildas.

National team goals Australia printed by Samantha Kerr (9′, 11′, 26′, 36′, 54′), Caitlin Foord (14′), Mary Fowler (17′), Hayley Raso (24′, 88′), Ellie Carpenter (34′, 49′) , Emily van Egmond (39′, 57′, 58′, 69′), Kyah Simon (57′, 71′), then Aivi Luik (78′).

This is the biggest loss Indonesian women’s national team throughout her participation in the Women’s Asian Cup.

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The previous record for defeat was recorded by Indonesia on December 19, 1989 when they lost 0-11 to Japan.

Indonesia’s fate is slightly better than that of its neighbor, Singapore.

The Singapore women’s national team, which was ranked third in the 1977 edition, recorded the biggest defeat of all time in the Women’s Asian Cup.

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