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A wounded man shot dead in a demonstration anti-racist in Albuquerque, New Mexico | International


In the wave of protests that traverses the united States from a month ago, heard shots for the first time. A small protest in front of the statue of a Spanish explorer of the SEVENTEENTH century in Albuquerque, New Mexico, led this Sunday in a clash in which a member of an alleged armed militia fired into the air. One person was injured. The incident, still confused, was caught on mobile phones and toured the social networks. The local police investigates the circumstances and the governor of New Mexico has promised the maximum strength against the “instigators” of the incident.

The demonstration in Albuquerque has become in the last few hours in the more extreme version of the drift that can take the tension street started with the death of George Floyd. The massive protests had left a few scenes of violence for what they have been. Some looting of shops in the early days, some of the violent action of the police, burning of cars and, in the greater disgrace, until now, a man dead at the hands of police in Atlanta. What of Albuquerque, although small incident and without consequences, is a confrontation between civilians in which someone pulls a gun.

The information on what happened is still unclear. A few dozen people were demonstrating on the Sunday afternoon to ask for the withdrawal of the statue of the Spanish Juan de Oñate in the city. The aversion of some groups against the statue is not new. According to the account of the Albuquerque Journalwhen the demonstration had reached the statue, a person started to damage the base with a spout. Then appeared a group that called itself the New Mexico Civil Guard, a kind of armed militia, that he faced physically to the protesters.

In the videos posted on networks you can see a man with a blue t-shirt that is facing the protesters and, at a given time throws on the ground a woman violently. Other people pursued him and realize that he is going armed. When you try to disarm him, heard four shots and people running out terrified.

The victim called Scott Williams. He received several shots in the torso and is in critical condition but stable, according to police said on Monday for the night. The police arrested a man named Steven Ray Baca of 31 years, as an alleged perpetrator of the shooting. The police had scheduled a press conference Tuesday to report the incident.

The governor of New Mexico democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, stated that he was “horrified and disgusted beyond words by the violence” and charged against the self-described militia for harassing the demonstrators. “I’m going to be very clear: there is no place in New Mexico for an alleged militia violent that it seeks to terrorize its citizens,” he said in a statement. “The instigators will be eradicated, investigated, and respond to their actions with the full weight of the law.”

The protests by the police brutality and institutional racism was extended to the statues that symbolize times of slavery, as the leaders confederates, and has been mixed in recent days with the rejection of the Spanish heritage. The demonstrations are directed all across the united States against statues of Christopher Columbus, which they consider a symbol of racism and whose public monuments are the subject of controversy for years. In Albuquerque, the Spanish exploration of north America the symbolizes Juan de Oñate (born in Mexico in 1550), founded Santa Fe and led the exploration of the Colorado river in the SEVENTEENTH century. Although it is the founder of New Mexico, episodes of cruelty of Oñate with the natives are documented and weighed in their fall from grace. On Monday, the statue of the Spanish conqueror, was withdrawn for reasons of safety.


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