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a vote by correspondence for the second round ?


“Why not allow the vote by correspondence ?”. Emmanuel Bichot asks the question a few hours after the decision of the scientific council to authorise it subject to reservations, the holding of the second round of the municipal elections on 28 June.

In a letter, the head of the list “Act to Dijon” believes that the scientific council has made a notice mixed of fifteen pages on the organization of this second round. “He asked that a new assessment of the health situation is carried out fifteen days before the scheduled date, which is uncertainty.” estimated Emmanuel Bichot. It also highlights all the protective measures to be taken for people at risk, including for voting by proxy. “In these conditions, why not open the possibility to vote by correspondence, by post and in a sealed envelope ?” asks the candidate previous.

Emmanuel Bichot, candidate Act for Dijon municipal 2020 © Radio France
Arnaud Racapé

Voting by mail is already in use for other elections

This method of voting is already in force for the professional elections or for the advisers of the French from abroad. “Every voter in the 4816 the communes concerned could choose between vote by mail or go to the polls on election day. This solution,relatively simple to organize, would make it more reliable, the choice of a date for the second round and to preserve both equality between the voters that the sincerity of the election.” adds Emmanuel Bichot.

The applicant concluded his letter by writing that “The great democratic meeting-that is the municipal elections should be held as soon as possible, but not to no matter what the conditions. This should give us incentive to innovate.”



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