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A visitor to the Bank crashed into a glass door and died: Incident: of life:


A resident of the Indian city of Perumbavoor, Kerala, accidentally crashed into the glass door in the Bank and died in the hospital. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

46-year-old Paul Jiju Bina (Beena Jiju Paul) came to the Bank and went to the box office, but suddenly turned and ran into the street. Apparently, she remembered that she forgot the keys in the scooter parked outside.

Indian girl didn’t notice the glass door and bumped into her. The glass shattered and the woman fell to the floor. One of the shards ripped into her abdomen. For recording camera footage shows how other visitors to the Bank rushed to her aid. They put the victim on a chair, after which she lost consciousness.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene within four minutes and took the woman to hospital. Shortly thereafter she died from her injuries.

In December 2019 it was reportedthat a resident of the city of Hangzhou in the Chinese province of Zhejiang smashed a glass panel in his office, mistaking her for the door. An employee of the company received lacerations of the forehead and right hand and was hospitalized.

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