Health A vaccine helps at all?

A vaccine helps at all?


19. June, 2020 – 10:40 PM

The research Institute is testing the effectiveness of mutant viruses

The whole world waits for a vaccine against the Coronavirus. But the act also, if the Virus mutates? Because that’s what happens according to some researchers, constantly, and a new Version is even more infectious by a multiple than the original form. We have spoken with Professor Hyeryun Choe, who was looking for the Corona-Mutation and her Team from the research Institute of Scripps Research in California (USA), about it.

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New Virus version attacks 10 times more cells

Since the first infections with the new Coronavirus, Sars has CoV-2 genetically-modified – since “viruses mutate constantly in a random manner,” explains Prof. Choe. “Most of the mutations have no effect or degrade the performance of the Virus; these are quickly replaced. Some mutations are beneficial to the Virus, so you will keep it.”

So it went, apparently, also in the case of a Mutation, wherein the number of the characteristic “spikes” on the virus of the body part to the Four – to five-fold increases, such as reported. In cell culture experiments showed that this variant is much contagious than the original: “We have seen that the mutant Virus can attack almost 10 times more cells than the non-mutant.” According to Prof. Choe this Mutation seems to have already been a triumphal March begun: Since may, they dominated in Europe and North America. “Three out of four Infected people in Germany have the mutated Form, maybe even more. You through you life so already.”

The mutant Virus is more dangerous?

The new Form of the Coronavirus is so dangerous? Yes and no, says Prof. Choe. “The Transferability is higher. The Chance to infect, is not in the case of this mutant Virus is higher, if you protect yourself. But so far there is no evidence that people develop more or more likely to die.”

The Good was also, that people in Europe are already aware of how high the risk of Infection with Corona. The most effective protection measures are the same maintain: “distance and mask to wear, the hands keep it clean and don’t touch the face”, says the Professor for micro – and molecular biology as well as biochemistry.

Possible vaccine also acts against Mutation

The fear that a vaccine against this ansteckendere Form of the Virus would be powerless, can dissipate Prof. Choe to happiness: “We have the expected and potential effectiveness in an Experiment are compared. The vaccines that are being developed, based on the non-mutated Version of the Virus. But they are against the mutant Virus is just as effective. The result would have shown that he does, it would have been a big deal – but fortunately that was not the case.”

The scientist emphasized: “One can not predict which Mutation does what, which will be permanent or what makes the Virus worse. It may be that in the future, other mutations do not occur, in which a vaccine is working well, you might be resistant.” A study of the Scripps Research Institute, so there would be for any future Mutation performed.

Whether the promising drug dexamethasone can be used in the treatment of Covid-19 also in the case of mutations, we explain here.

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