A university in the United States compensates a thousand victims of sexual abuse

This is the University of Michigan, in the north of the United States. The establishment said Wednesday, January 19, that it would pay nearly half a billion dollars to a thousand former students and athletes sexually abused by a doctor at the establishment.

A campus doctor had “abusive sexual behavior with his patients”

the Dr Richard Anderson was working atUniversity of Michigan (United States) from 1966 to 2003. He died in 2008. In recent years, scores of students and members of the school’s athletic teams have accused him of sexually assaulting them during routine exams.

According to a report by a law firm, the doctor had “abusive sexual behavior with his patients”. To compensate its victims, a confidential mediation process was launched by the establishment in 2020, under the aegis of a federal judge.

An agreement to compensate the victims of Dr Anderson

The two parties reached an agreement. The university will pay 490 million dollars to a thousand former students and athletes who were victims ofsexual abuse committed by the Dr Anderson.

The 460 million will be awarded to the 1,050 plaintiffs already identified, while the 30 million will be paid to victims who wish to come forward by July 31, 2022, according to information relayed by several media. However, this agreement must still be formally ratified, according to the press release.

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