A unique gesture by Michał Szpak. He did it especially for a friend

Michał Szpak He recently appeared on stage during Polsat’s New Year’s Eve Power of Hits and, as usual, delighted with his performance. This time he presented the song to the audience “Kiss of Fire” from the repertoire Violetty Villas.

He chose the right styling for the song, which was paid tribute to Villas – he put on denim pants and a colorful cape crowned with feathers. On his head there was also a characteristic storm of curls, which were an inseparable element of the singer’s image.

“Beloved, this was the only person who was herself – Violetta Villas!” Szpak shouted from the stage. During that evening he also sang a hit “Just be yourself”.

In the near future, Szpak wants to show the world his new song, “Hello Waterfall”. As you can deduce from the star’s social media posts, the song will have its premiere on January 29 during one of his concerts.

As it turns out, Michał Szpak is not only a talented singer, but also a good friend. Norbert Dąbek, a businessman who has already appeared in the media as Szpak’s friend, recently announced that his beloved dog had died. The grief-stricken man said goodbye to him on social media. He did not have to wait long when Michał Szpak came to visit him and gave him … a puppy!

“I once heard that you know real friends in poverty. Another time, when you are successful. Or maybe a real friend is the one who accompanies you at different times?” – Michał Szpak’s friend asked.

“After losing Iwork, it is difficult to recover, the more that he died in my arms and I give my word, I would expect many things, but not what Michał did for me. (…) Tears of longing for Iwor are intertwined with tears of emotion. that Michał did something so beautiful for me in such a difficult moment “- praised the musician Dąbek.

Michał Szpak also shared a photo of the dog on his account, and at the same time he posted a mysterious photo that would suggest that his new album will be called “Waterfall”.

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