News a theft of diamonds, fantastic soon to be found...

a theft of diamonds, fantastic soon to be found in the Tarn


Three persons, suspected to be experts in traffic of jewellery and precious stones in Europe, will be judged on 3 march to Castres to have stolen three diamond estimated at almost a million euros.

The story could have taken place on the côte d’azur or in the capital, but it is good to Mazamet, a small town somewhere in the Tarn that the facts are produced.

We are in August 2017, a dealer in precious stones this diamond to an expert retained by a buyer. These diamonds are placed in a box under seal, in the possession of the seller, the time it receives a wire transfer of $ 1.1 million.

The next day, in the absence of a transfer to his account, the dealer opens the box, empty. The diamonds have been stolen during the appointment the day before.

“This is a classic method, this is what is called a thief in the hands of gold, international experts talented to steal objects of value,” says the source close to the investigation.

After months of investigation, the investigators of the research section of the gendarmerie, based in Toulouse, will find the trace of the crooks, nationality Romanian.

A couple of Romanians and an indian trader

The couple of false buyers is arrested in October 2017 in Nice, the “thief in the hands of gold the following month at Modane, in the French Alps, in the possession of a fake diamond. He should be paid 50,000 euros to steal the diamonds.

The first meeting dates back to April 2017, at a show diamond in Monaco. The couple of Romanians is present, under a false name, as a rich Armenians who want to invest in precious stones.

Two months later, a 2nd meeting will take place in Milan. The 3rd in Mazamet, where is based the jeweller of French and associate of the indian trader the owner of the diamonds, Nishit Shah.

Traffic real jewels paid with fake banknotes

During the arrest of the couple at his home on the Côte d’azur, the mounties have laid hands on watches, and luxury cars, for a value of 150,000 euros. The couple bargained for fake and real jewels and often paid with fake banknotes.

The sponsor of the scam, a Serb living in the paris region, has not yet been arrested. An international arrest warrant has been issued. His house of Bondy, estimated to be 700,000 euros, has been seized.

To add to the mystery, the victim, the indian trader, will not be at the trial, he died in 2018 of a heart attack in Bombay.

The european police are aware of the modus operandi of these smugglers of jewelry. “They organize scams to high-level. These are large criminal organizations with the relay a little everywhere in Europe,” according to the source close to the investigation.


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