A terrible nightmare on the highways awaits drivers on the weekends MAP

10 traffic jams due to repairs and construction and even mowing the lawn can slow down cars during today’s long weekend, writes Monitor.

Due to the three days merging the national holiday for the Unification of Bulgaria with the weekends, tens of thousands of Bulgarians are on their way.

Some of the residents of Sofia started their removal last night, but the expectations are that the main flow will be this morning. A check on the RIA website, however, showed that only

on the Trakia highway there is a real risk of forming 4 traffic jams

Thus, at the 338th kilometer of the highway, due to construction activities, the emergency lane to the quarry for aggregates is limited, and the traffic is carried out with increased attention.

Due to the repair of the pavement, there is a restriction on the active and overtaking lane in the section between the 346th and 349th kilometers in the direction of Sofia. There the speed is limited to 90 km / h. Again in the district of Burgas, due to manual mowing of lawns, the increased attention in the section from the 308th to the 359th kilometer is recommended.

Due to securing the road section, there is a risk of traffic jams on the highway in the section near Muhovo.
The traffic jams of Hemus are the same, as the first section at risk of congestion is on the 31st kilometer in the direction of Varna.

The reason – repairs at “Vitinya” in the lanes in the direction of the sea capital. As a result, the speed there is reduced to 70 km / h for three kilometers. Shortly afterwards – at the 36th kilometer, there are repairs to the Korenishki Dol viaduct, which were to be completed yesterday. Because of them, the speed was also reduced to 70 km / h. And while they to date should no longer be a fact, by the end of the month

traffic in the Echemishka tunnel in the direction of Sofia continues to be restricted

due to the restoration of some of the installations. Thus, until September 30, the traffic will be two-way in the pipe in the direction of Varna. There is a stopper before Varna, at the 400th kilometer in the direction of Sofia, where joints are being repaired. Due to it, one of the active lanes is restricted for movement, as well as the emergency lane. Thus, the movement takes place only in the overtaking lane.

Repair of a bridge restricts traffic in the direction of the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint in the section of the Maritsa Motorway in the area of ​​Lyubimets between the 80th and 85th kilometers. Because of him, two-way traffic was introduced in the lanes for Sofia.

The speed in the Svilengrad-Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint has been reduced to 50 km / h from the 99th km to the 109th km in the lane in the direction of Sofia. The reason is again repairs.

The speed of the Struma Motorway in the direction of the Kulata border checkpoint in the section from the 22nd to the 24th km is also limited to 70 km / h. The reason – a compromised part of the canvas. There is also a problem in the opposite direction – to Sofia, in the part from the 31st to the 34th kilometer.

However, only the emergency lane is limited there, and the reason is securing a section with a risk of falling slopes. The speed of the highway near Pernik in the direction of Sofia is limited to 70 km / h. The reason – construction of snow protection facilities.

People who decide to travel during the holidays should also keep in mind that on Thursday the traffic police announced that they were taking all their patrols on the road to lurk for dzhigits. It will be monitored whether the trucks comply with the restrictions in their movement, as well as drivers who exceed the speed limit. The Traffic Police have also decided to take a new approach to enhanced speed control.

Thus, the traffic police cameras will be moved periodically every hour

“There are drivers who allow themselves to drive in the emergency lane. When an accident occurs, kilometers of columns are formed. Police teams will set up cameras in such cases to film these violators,” the Traffic Police said.


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