A step back for Brexit. They urgently issue 5,000 visas to truck drivers

The queues at gas stations are kilometers long.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson plans to change his policy completely and issue 5,000 visas for foreign truck drivers, after the country is in chaos and is already heading for a food crisis.

Car owners completely ignored government advice, clogging gas stations in panic. They fear that a serious petrol crisis is coming, which will bring the economy to its knees.

The prime minister plans to relinquish and issue visas to thousands of drivers to fight the crisis, and troops will help them obtain their licenses more quickly.

According to British experts, 90,000 drivers are needed who left the country after Brexit. The coronavirus restricted the courses. And 5,000 will probably be too little and too little.
The lack of drivers has already hit every part of the economy. There are empty shelves in the supermarkets. Bars and restaurants are in short supply. Even the necessary chemicals for water purification cannot be supplied.

Parents complained that they failed to charge their cars on Friday, as the whole country was thrown into chaos and thousands were waiting at gas stations.

The problems came after BP and Esso admitted on Thursday that they did not have enough tank drivers and supplies would be disrupted. This caused panic and hundreds rushed to the gas stations, very quickly running out of some types of gasoline, and even closed.

Transport Minister Grant Shaps’ appeal to drivers to “behave normally” went unheard on Friday and there were queues and even hand-to-hand fights at gas stations all night.

On Friday, one of the big companies went bankrupt, supplying frozen products to the Asda and Sainsbury supermarkets, which means a lot of empty shelves.


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