A spectacular waterspout pierced the sky in Hyères on Wednesday morning

This Wednesday morning of November 3, a new waterspout was seen in the Hyères region. She could have been immortalized from L’île du Levant.

This whirlpool, which is not dangerous, except for the boats that would be in its path, moved at high speed on the waves off Hyères and the Golden Islands.

Let’s remember, as described by the online encyclopedia Wikipediathat“A waterspout is a rotating column of air mixed with water, forming a funnel cloud, under a convective cloud over a body of water. These micro-scale phenomena form when conditions are very unstable as cold air passes over warm waters. Usually less intense than a tornado, they dissipate once on land.”

In Hyères, this kind of phenomenon can regularly be observed, as was the case on October 29th.

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