A Slovak businessman died in an accident. All that was left of his lamborghini were debris

A serious accident happened near Žilina in Slovakia on Friday evening, in which the businessman and district chairman of the political party Sloboda a solidarity presented Pavol Matlák. Firefighters had to rescue the driver and his co-driver from the destroyed lamborghini, which ended up with injuries in the hospital.

The accident happened in the early evening in the cadastre of the village of Dolný Kubín, where lamborghini and fabia collided. According to the website, the Škoda crew escaped tvnoviny.sk only with minor injuries treated by rescuers on the spot.

But only the wreckage of the luxury lamborghini remained after the accident. While the passenger was recovering in the hospital, the driver died. It was supposed to be the district chairman of the Slovak political party Freedom and Solidarity and entrepreneur Pavol Matlák. His death was confirmed by the party itself.

“We have received with great sadness the news that our long-time friend, member and district chairman in Námestovo, Pavol Matlák, has left us. We express our sincere condolences to the family and loved ones,” says Slobody and Solidarity on the Facebook page.

The Lamborghini crew had to be cut off from the devastated car by firefighters. At the time of the attack, both passengers were still alive, but the driver later succumbed to his injuries. Matlák in a row according to the diary Plus one day he left a wife and two children. He owned a company that deals with accounting.

The Freedom and Solidarity Party tragically lost another member a few months ago. At the end of June, 28-year-old Peter Rakovský died in a car accident.



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