A six-minute walk is no problem for commuters

To the article “Is there a multi-storey car park with a public transport connection?” of January 14, the editors received the following letter to the editor:

Without wanting to take a closer look at the own sporting activities of a Feldinger town councillor, his statement deserves attention. So he doubts whether the commuters in the Fegggrube would put up with a six-minute walk to use public transport to get to work. Apparently, he doesn’t know how long commuters currently walk from Talavera to downtown (eg, City Hall). And it is gladly accepted! Just ask there!

You definitely need a lot of humor when you look at all the discussions about the topic “Better living at the Bischofshut” in Wrzburg. Therefore, there are certainly solutions to this problem of Mr. Feldinger. On the one hand, there would be the construction of a ground-level escalator, as can be seen in airports. Or you set up a large freight crane that lifts people from the parking lot to the bus stop in a basket. Or you can use the Main and do a short ferry service or rent a boat and then take a service taxi from the bank to the bus stop. A hot air balloon might also work for this route with a wonderful view of Wrzburg, but it costs extra if you keep your eyes open. This is an opportunity to generate additional income here as well.

Everything is certainly much, much easier, but one thing you shouldn’t do at all: accuse commuters of not accepting this six-minute walk (“so far” according to Feldinger)! You have to admit one thing to Wrzburg: Some things are strange, but it’s always funny.

Manfred Dlk
97273 Krny

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