Technology a Robot Dolphin for Aquatic Parks

a Robot Dolphin for Aquatic Parks


And if the activists of the cause of animal found their salvation in the new technologies ? A robot dolphin could soon replace its congeners in the water parks.

This is a topic close to the heart of many activists and in particular to the organisation Peta. In many water parks, the dolphins are the stars, but they do not always have good living conditions. A closed environment is not the best solution to a wild animal. A problem in the face of which science might help with a dolphin robot.

A dolphin robot very high-tech

If the water parks do not want to do away with the dolphins, it is, of course, because of their potential to the public. The company Edge Innovations has decided to tackle the problem in an unexpected way and very High Tech. With Walt Conti and Roger Holzberg, a former creative director and vice-president of Walt Disney Imagineering, the company has developed an animatronic to replace the “real” dolphins.

A animatronic and very realistic

The robot dolphin weighs 269 pounds and moves under the water with impressive realism. In fact, it has been designed from the ground up to replicate the real movements of swimming with a dolphin. A remote control allows users to control the robot dolphin to interact with visitors or perform tricks. The animal has been successfully tested and is now expected to join an aquarium chinese. The legislation is particularly severe in the country prohibited from engaging in the trade of wildlife.

The robot dolphin award-winning

Even as “the animal” is still an advanced prototype, he recently received an award from the association of defence of animals, Peta. The australian branch of the famous organization has in effect an award of “innovation in favour of the animals” for this robot dolphin.

Robot dolphin animatronic

Petra enthusiastic for this animatronic

These designers visionaries will allow save for the dolphins sensitive to the calvary to be exploited for activities of “swimming with dolphins” and to be locked up for life for entertainment in marine parks “stressed Marie Morgane Jeanneau, a spokesman for Peta France in a press release.

The sad reality of dolphins in the water parks

The scientific consensus for several years already to recognize that the training of dolphins and their interactions with humans in the context of the water parks are at the expense of the well-being of these animals. As well, they may not socialize, eat, communicate, or reproduce as much as they should. An innovation soon available in France ?


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