News A "reproach session" between senior Al Ahly and electrified...

A “reproach session” between senior Al Ahly and electrified after losing the local supercar


Al-Ahly’s senior players held a special session with Mahmoud Al-Moneim Kahraba, the team’s player, and criticized him for the nervousness that he had after the last super match against Zamalek, in which the latter won 4/3 on penalties, and he entered into a clash with Abdullah Jumaa, Zamalek player after the match, which is What caused the outbreak of a major crisis and stressed the players of the senior team to electrify during the session that preoccupation with such matters keeps the team and the players out of focus, which is not appropriate for Al-Ahly and the players demanded that they elect only to focus on the stadium and not to be preoccupied with any other matters so as not to move away from the atmosphere of matches and no hand Disturbance in crises that stop it.

A state of sadness and anger had prevailed between Al-Ahly mission during its return to Cairo this afternoon from the Emirates after losing the local super title to Zamalek by falling 3/4 of the penalty shoot-out, and a state of sadness and shock raised the faces of players, the technical staff and the mission members due to the loss of the Super Championship and the failure to drop Zamalek in the local championship to confirm white superiority to red.

Al-Ahly players refused to make any statements during his return, and none of them talked about the meeting or others after the faces became a state of shock that still controlled them after losing the local super title, especially since the fans of the team held some players and coach Rene Vyler responsible for the loss of the championship, and no more than one player appeared at his level Fyler also erred in some technical matters that had a great role in losing the super.

Al-Ahly’s mission on the Emirates trip included: Sharif Ikrami – Mohamed El Shennawy – Ali Lotfy – Ramy Rabia – Mahmoud Metwally – Yasser Ibrahim – Ahmed Fathi – Mohamed Hany – Ayman Ashraf – Ali Maaloul – Mahmoud Waheed – Hossam Ashour – Amr El-Soleya – Aliu Diang – Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” – Hussein Al-Shahat – Geraldo – Junior Ajay – Ramadan Sobhy – Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Kahraba” – Walid Suleiman – Ahmed Al-Sheikh – Marwan Mohsen – Alio Badji

Al-Ahly is awaiting another very strong match against Zamalek next Monday in the league, which is still facing the danger of postponement, as Al-Ahly is linked to the matches of Sun Downs in South Africa in the away and away round of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League scheduled for February 29 and next March 7 in Cairo and South Africa, respectively, and requested The Swiss technical director, Rene Filer, has closed his local super dossier with the important and exciting events he witnessed.



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