A New History of Mankind in Space in 2021

The year 2021 marks a milestone in space tourism.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The year 2021 will mark a new history of mankind in the field of science, specifically regarding outer space. From the first helicopter-powered flight on Mars, Ingenuity, to the James Webb telescope opening the Universe’s earliest era in 2021. 2021 will be a major milestone for the effort outer space mankind.

Reported PhysHere are some important moments that have become milestones in human history regarding outer space, including:

1. Robots that Help Perseverance Mission

A robot the size of a car has taken photos and drilled samples to help with NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft on Mars. Samples are needed to determine the possibility of ancient microbial life forms on the planet.

2. Private Space Flight

An American millionaire became the world’s first space tourist in 2001. Until 20 years later, in 2021, to be exact, his dream of private space flight came true.

In July, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson faced off against Jeff Bezos of Blue Origin to become the first non-professional astronaut to complete a suborbital spaceflight.

A Russian astronaut makes the first feature film in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in 2021, and Japanese tourists make their visit there on a Russian rocket.

For a few minutes on December 11, 19 humans were recorded in space as Blue Origin carried out its third crewed mission.

The nascent space tourism sector sparked a backlash from some who said there were more pressing issues to deal with, such as climate change on Earth.

3. Space globalization

During the Cold War, space was dominated by the United States and the former Soviet Union. Now, apart from the boom of the commercial sector, which sends out satellites at no less than superior speed, starting from China, India and others who are increasingly expanding their spaceflight sector.

China’s Tiangong (Palace in the Sky) space station was launched in April, while the spacecraft for its first Mars mission, Zhurong, landed in May 2021, making it only the second country to achieve such an exploit.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) also placed research into the orbit of Mars in February 2021. The country became the first Arab country, as well as the fifth overall to reach the Red Planet.


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