Technology A new feature in Windows 10 limit the consumption...

A new feature in Windows 10 limit the consumption of Chrome memory


May becomes the consumption of the Google browser Chrome Associated with the Ram will soon be a thing of the past, where Microsoft introduced a new feature in Windows 10 can reduce the use of Chrome memory significantly, according to To assess the From the website (Windows video), it began to update Windows 10 for the month of May 2020 (20H1) access to users all over the world.

This update is the first major update to the operating system this year, and improvements in the windows to manage the cache memory (Segment Heap), which will use the total memory for applications (Win32), such as the Chrome browser.

AndAvailable The value of the “SegmentHeap” to the developers, and show Microsoft that the update to the latest operating system Windows 10 provides this new value that reduce the use of memory in general in the version of 2004 of Windows 10 or newer.

AndConfirmed The company they started using a new value in the browser by the web (Edge) Edge-based (Chromium), where the tests showed the amount of decrease in the memory up to 27 percent across the Windows 10 update for May 2020.

Google seems to have liked the idea of it, and download Chrome improvements similar to Windows 10, and can benefit the Chrome browser also from the new value, according to Comment Newly added to (Chromium Gerrit), the change happens soon.

Includes developer chrome across the comment that the experiences of the procurement indicate that this can save hundreds of MBS in the browser and the operations of the utility service network, among other things, on some devices, will vary the actual results significantly, while achieving the greatest savings in hardware multi-core.

Microsoft confirmed the existence of the also that actual results would be substantially different, which means that individual performance can be lower or higher than 27 percent, but this change will certainly use the memory to some extent and provides the best experience for everyone.

Recall that it is not yet clear when will these improvements to the stable version of Google Chrome browser the version 2004 of Windows 10.


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