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Apple, the US technology giant, on the application of the “Kar entities” (CarKey), to unlock the car wirelessly, using the phones “iPhone”.

The announcement came during the conference of Apple’s annual developers held Monday, via the internet.

And innovative is part of the new operating system “iOS 14” which have been disclosed earlier.

She said “Apple” to the first car backed is a series of “2021 BMW 5” new, which will be issued in the month of July next, the application works across a segment U1 ultra-wide new instead of just relying on NFC.

In the case of the desire to unlock your car, you will only need to pair the “iPhone” or “Apple Watch” near the “NFC” in the car, and then you will be prompted to authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID before you cancel the lock, or you can prepare a quick mode to biometric authentication.

As users will be able to “Kar entities” of the share digital keys with family members or trusted persons, through service “iMessage” messaging, can be the owner of the car to determine the time at which the level of the key co-operation of the vehicle.

According to Apple will enter the water system run “any or S 13” also.

Use the “Kar entities” specification Digital Key Release 2.0, which was completed officially in May, and specifications to enhance the technique of communication by “NFC”, to connect to without notice between smartphones and vehicles.

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