A mother of three in a coma after being beaten by her boyfriend

The daughter of the beaten woman Svetoslava Bozhilova Staff: Nova TV

A mother of three is in a coma after being beaten by her boyfriend. The signal for the brutal aggression against the woman was given at the end of last year. Until now, the doctors in “Pirogov” continue to fight for her life. Relatives of the 42-year-old woman want justice, and the man who caused the beating is free, reports Nova tv.

The incident happened on the evening of December 28 in Bozhurishte. Svetoslava Bozhilova receives a call from her mother, who tells her that she was beaten by her boyfriend.

“I went home, he was there, I found him and my mother at home with my little sister. I called him to go outside and leave, he didn’t want to leave. He reached out to hit me, “she said.

On the unfortunate evening, the 42-year-old woman suffered multiple blows to the head, her relatives claim. Her two-year-old daughter also witnessed the ugly scenes. The initial examination shows a broken rib. Hours after the beating, Victoria was placed in Pirogov in serious condition, with a heart attack.

“At the moment we know that her condition is critical, she is in a coma, she has swelling of the brain, her heart does not work without systems,” Svetoslava said.

Victoria and 31-year-old Marian have lived together for about a year. According to her relatives, they often quarreled and the man became aggressive.

“I still have no information about what they were arguing about, but in principle all the scandals were on his part, out of jealousy. He was jealous of her even if someone said hello to her. She was jealous of everything and everyone, “said her daughter.

“I’ve seen him twice, we’ve talked to him about things, but I said I just don’t like him, his face is repulsive and I avoided talking.”

“They had quarreled one day, he had beaten her, I went home, the little girl was crying, I went into the kitchen and he hit her in the head and I told him” get out “and he started hitting me too. However, I broke free and immediately went for help “, shares his son Martin Bozhilov.

According to her relatives, the woman hid that she was a victim of harassment.

“She did not want to file a complaint with the police because she may have been afraid,” her relatives said.

After the incident, the man was detained for 24 hours, after which he was released. Victoria’s relatives are demanding justice.

“He called me on the phone, he threatened me after this happened, he threatened me and my friends, he said, ‘Come, in the house where I live, we will kill you all,'” the boy said.

Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted in the case. The Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office explained that the 31-year-old man has a clean criminal record and so far has not received any signals against him from the victim.

Earlier today, it became clear that domestic violence would be a priority for the new government. At a meeting between Justice Minister Nadezhda Yordanova and Chief of Staff Lena Borislavova, it was decided to determine as soon as possible which deputy prime minister would be specifically responsible for domestic violence.


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