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A meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee — when and in what format will play the Champions League and the Europa League


Anton Tretyak

The UEFA Executive Committee today will decide the fate of the Champions League and the Europa League. LIVE!

All of the details.

On 17 June 2020, 10:00


11:30 am. According to Bild, in a mini-tournament in one of their cities was claimed by three countries: Germany (Frankfurt), Portugal (Lisbon) Russia (Moscow). Faster than the rest of fighting has left Russia as guide UEFA considered the epidemiological situation in the country is unsuitable for organization of competitions.

According to the publication, a victory in the fight for the right to host the mini-tournament was won by Portugal.

11:00. Not all remember what the situation in Europe at the moment. Let’s see.

10:00. Good morning! The Premier League returns today, Friday, will resume RPL — European football is back almost everywhere. But it’s unclear what will happen to the Champions League and the Europa League. In what format will play in which cities, in what time frame? Today and tomorrow will be a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee at which all these issues will be addressed.

The main items on the agenda of the first day of the meeting, June 17:

• The UEFA Champions League-2019/20 and the UEFA Europa League-2019/20 — 1/8 and related solutions
• The UEFA Champions League-2020/21, and the UEFA Europa League-2020/21 — qualification, round of the playoffs and group stage
• The UEFA Champions League-2019/20 — women’s play-offs starting with 1/4 finals
• The UEFA Champions League-2020/21 — women’s calendar
• UEFA youth League-2019/20 — calendar and remaining stages

• Stadiums and schedule of matches of EURO-2020
• Qualifying matches of EURO 2020 group stage of League of Nations League-2020/21 — revision of calendar
• Championship of Europe among youth 2019-21 — calendar and format
• The European championship 2019/20 among girls till 17 years and the European championship 2019/20 among youth under 19 years — calendar and format
• Current report on puttalam tournaments

On the first day of meetings of the Executive Committee held an online press conference with the participation of UEFA President Alexander Ceferin.

The main points on the agenda of the second day of the meeting, on 18 June:

• World Cup 2022 — the draw for the qualifying round
• Rules of licensing of clubs and financial “fair play”
• Recommendations to UEFA on the game head


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