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A man kills his ex-wife, his exsuegra and your excuñada in Pontevedra | Society


A man has confessed to killed his ex-wife, his exsuegra and your excuñada in Valga (Pontevedra) after surrendering the early hours of the morning of this Monday in the Civil Guard. The triple murder has occurred by firearm. The neighbors of Valga have heard perfectly the shooting. The author of the acts has traveled 30 kilometers in your vehicle before surrendering to the authorities in the barracks of the Civil Guard in Milladoiro, near Santiago. The three victims are a woman of 39 years, Sandra’s sister, she, Alba, 27, and mother of two, Elena, 57.

The couple was in the process of divorce and it does not contain any allegation by male violence, according to has confirmed this morning in a direct Chain to BE the Government delegate in Galicia, Javier Losada de Aspiazu. In Valga, the people of the triple murder, they live only 6,000 inhabitants.

Listen to Interview with the Government Delegate in Galicia in the Play to BE

The woman was taking her children to the children at the school. The children, aged 4 and 7, were present at the time of the murders. In these moments, the two children remain with a few neighbors. The man fled in a first time, began the procedure of search, and it has finally been delivered in the village where he lived with his parents. The paperwork to put it in justice have been put in place.

The subdelegada in Pontevedra, Maica Larriba, has given more details. Andl man went to first hour at home in which he resided with his former spouse and with a “gun” fired first against the woman, “that was on the side of the car” in the interior of which, according to the subdelegada, were the two children that they had in common, 4 and 7 years.

Then, the subdelegada has explained that the detenidor “went to the farm of the house” and shot the other two women. Then “escaped”.

It is the second case of these characteristics that has occurred in Worth this year. The first took place last march, when a man killed his wife in a shooting and then committed suicide.

With the murder of ex-wife, are already 41 killed by their partners or former partners so far this year and 28 the children that have been orphaned. Or the excuñada or the exsuegra, also dead, will be part of the official statistics. Since 2003, 1.016 women have been victims of crimes sexists.

The man, who has another older son from a previous relationship, have pointed out sources of the case and that it is in these moments in the barracks of the Civil Guard of Milladoiro, it is of Bertamiráns, both places belonging to the municipality of Ames (A Coruña), and called the Moro.


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