News A legislator in the united States wants hurricane season...

A legislator in the united States wants hurricane season longer


Despite the fact that the hurricane season in the Atlantic lasts six months —both as a campaign to regulate the Large baseball Ligas_, a legislator in Florida thinks that it should be longer.

U.s. representative democrat Stephanie Murphy on Wednesday sent a letter to the Office for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA for its acronym in English) to request that they forward the official start of the hurricane season in mid-may. The current season is from June to November, but Murphy pointed out that there has been at least one named storm during the month of may in the last six years.

In 2020 formed three tropical storms Arthur, Bertha and Cristobal — between mid-may and the beginning of June, he stressed.

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“This means a practical problem, because the government officials and the residents of states in the hurricane zone use this season to inform where to allocate funds, conduct awareness-raising campaigns and to take decisions in regard to the preparations,” said Murphy in his letter. “Therefore, an official season that does not predict accurately the activity of large storms could result in the lack of build-up and damage to physical and material”, he added.

NOAA has already received the letter of the legislator and expects to be able to discuss the topic with Murphy, said the agency spokesman Christopher Vaccaro.

Despite the fact that several tropical storms have formed in the Atlantic before June 1, in the last few years, most of them have been “of surface structure”, and the progress in the monitoring satellite may be the cause that more and more storms, minor and of short duration are appointed by the National Hurricane Center, said Phil Klotzbach, research scientist at Colorado State University.

Don’t see a reason for the extension

Since it began the era of satellite in 1966, has only a record of the formation of a hurricane before the 1 of June: Soul, in 1970.

“I don’t think there is any reason to prolong the season of hurricanes, considering that there has not been one in may in the last 50 years,” said Klotzbach in an email.

Despite the fact that Bertha was on the point of flooding the residence of Brian McNoldy last month, a day after becoming a tropical storm, the associate researcher at the University of Miami does not believe that we need to extend hurricane season.

“The hurricane season was never the purpose of including all of the activity, only the most part,” said McNoldy, who works for the Rosenstiel School of marine Sciences and Atmospheric. “It’s okay if there are some outliers,” he added.

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