A KGB officer was shot from a gun in Belarus. Video / GORDON

The KGB claims that the apartment could have been “persons involved in terrorist activities.”

“In one of the apartments of a residential building, a particularly dangerous criminal opened fire to kill with a gun from a gun, as a result of which an employee of the State Security Committee was mortally wounded,” the committee said.

The Investigative Committee of Belarus opened a criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 139 (murder of a person in connection with the performance of his official activities).

“Euroradio” on Telegram channel with reference to sources reportedthat a KGB officer was killed in Minsk. The man killed in the apartment on Yakubovskogo Street was an employee of the IT company EPAM Systems named Andrei Z.

Portal “Paper’97” calls his full name – Andrey Zeltser.

Belarusian agency BELTA published YouTube video of the incident, which was filmed with two cameras. One filmed what was happening from the security forces, and the other – inside the apartment. At the beginning of the recording, security officials dressed in civilian clothes introduce themselves as police and break open the door to the apartment. The video from the apartment shows a man in a white T-shirt waiting for them with a gun. Judging by the recording, there was a woman with him, who also filmed what was happening on the phone. The security forces managed to get inside, the man shouted: “I’m shooting!” – and fired a gun.

EPAM employees later confirmed that the person in the video was their colleague Andrey Zeltser, reported Radio Svaboda… He had a wife and a son. V IT companies Seltzer worked since 2016.


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