A judge agrees with a mother who does not want to vaccinate her child

A judge from Icod de los Vinos, in Tenerife, has allowed A child under 15 years of age is not vaccinated against the coronavirus because his mother wants it that way. However, both the child himself and his father do defend vaccination against Covid-19. The minor’s parents are separated.

The sentence, which has been advanced by the newspapers of ‘Prensa Ibérica’, dates back to a procedure from last September that was resolved on December 10. Apparently, relies on the ‘prudence principle’ and in the aspect that in the case of minors ‘there are more risks than benefits’.

For all this, the court dismisses the father’s request of authorizing the coronavirus vaccination of her son judicially and grants a period of two years to the mother to decide.

The magistrate has admitted the reports of the Carlos III Institute and another private one that the mother commissioned from the doctor of Chemical Sciences Sergio Pérez Olivero, which allude to the little impact of coronavirus on mortality and in admissions to the ICU of those under 19 years of age.

In addition, he expresses that “it is impossible to put on a scale” the mid- and long-term side effects “because they are unknown” giving the example of cases of encephalitis after the smallpox vaccine in 1975 or the victims of thalidomide.

Record number of hospitalizations for children

This sixth wave of coronavirus pandemic is breaking many records, among them is that of children hospitalized in ICUs by Covid-19.

“Right now we are seeing many more children in the hospital, either in the emergency room, or on the ward, who have covid because in the population we have a level like we have never seen of covid“, explained Dr. Juanjo García, Head of Pediatrics at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.

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