News a hydrogen production station to make ride clean vehicles

a hydrogen production station to make ride clean vehicles


Dijon city has launched a project under the unit of production and distribution of hydrogen, a clean energy that will make it roll dumpsters, garbage, utility vehicles, and buses.

Use the heat generated by the processing of household waste to produce energy : this is in summary how will the future unity of the production and distribution of hydrogen of the Dijon metropolitan area.

“We are going to install the technical elements of such an electrolyzer that will convert the electricity into hydrogen through water of the territory and which will be able to be stored and distributed to the vehicles,” explains Amaury Vaussanvin, engineering manager – Justy.

“Hydrogen is a clean energy because it emits no carbon. Unlike fossil fuels, such as gasoline or diesel fuel, there is no fine particle or Co2 that is released into the atmosphere,” says explains Amaury Vaussanvin.

What are the advantages of producing its hydrogen ?

The energy produced from the electrolysis of water will allow d’feed eight dumpsters with trash, the six commercial cars and buses from 2021.

In a first time, this system will provide 500 kilograms of hydrogen per day. However, with 1 kilo of hydrogen, a car travels 100 km. Result : the metropolis of Dijon will save 1 750 tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to 700 round-trips between Paris and New York.

Eventually, the service station hydrogen will be available to businesses and individuals.

What are the objectives of Dijon for sustainable development ?

With the construction of this unity of production and distribution of hydrogen, Dijon, france métropole is continuing its programme of sustainable development. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality. The goals set in September 2019 include :
– to reduce by 95 % the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2010
– develop renewable energies in order to cover 69 % of the energy needs in 2050.
Dijon has applied to become european green capital in 2022. It is part of the 18 cities in which the folder has been selected and is to be found in competition with Lyon, Grenoble, Belgrade, Turin, Budapest, Parma, Sofia, Tallinn, etc

For the record, the first hydrogen-powered buses are entered into commercial operation in France in September 2019 in the Ile-de-France, more precisely between Versailles and Jouy-en-Josas. Other communities have also opted for this clean technology : the Pas-de-Calais, Pau. Let us add that the group Transdev, which operates the line of the Pas-de-Calais, is also working on a project of five hydrogen-powered buses to Auxerre for 2020.

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