A group of scientists oppose “shortening the sun” to combat global warming

One of the proposed solutions to reduce global warming is the act of firing aerosol sprays into the atmosphere, to reduce the entry of heat and light and, consequently, slightly cool the Earth .

This “reduce sun” solution has a name – geoengineering – but just as it has proponents, it also has detractors who claim that such a practice will bring “major unintended consequences” to the planet.

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Reducing the generation of sunlight and heat from the Sun – known as “solar geoengineering” – is one of many proposals for tackling global warming: effectively, however, “reducing the Sun” could have more unforeseen consequences (Image: courtneyk/iStock )

A group of 60 scientists signed an open letter, addressed to the governments of several first world countries, suggesting that they ban geoengineering proposals, effectively making any attempt to “reduce the sun” illegal.

“We particularly understand that practicing solar geoengineering on a planetary scale cannot be governed by a globally inclusive political system, nor does it do justice to the current international political system,” the letter reads. “Therefore, we urge the government and the United Nations to take action and exercise immediate and effective political control over the development of any solar geoengineering technology.”

The document justifies its position by stating that the science of geoengineering has not been sufficiently researched, and that a uniform drop in temperature by several countries on the planet will have different consequences for each country.

Scientifically, it makes sense: today, there is no way to say that solar geoengineering will reduce temperatures by more or less degrees in certain parts of the planet. It’s a fact that global warming affects us as a whole (after all, it has “global” in its name…), but there are countries that are better prepared and worse off to deal with climate variations.

To date, no one has responded to the letter, which has been published in full in the scientific journal WIREs Climate Change.

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