News A great deal of inconvenience because of heavy rain,...

A great deal of inconvenience because of heavy rain, the streets and houses are flooded


In many parts of the country, damage caused by the heavy rains of yesterday and last night. In a lot of places were houses, and the streets are flooded.

The A20 motorway between junction Kethelplein junction, and Schiedam, netherlands, is still partially closed because of the rain, log Book. Two lanes will be closed. In other parts of the South of Holland, were a lot of reports of water damage inside.

The storms, which led in particular to the damage to the south and west, it was also found in other provinces, a lot of rain, and onweerde the sore. In Zwolle, the netherlands came in last night a 52-year-old woman in order to live through the storm. They came on the bike under a fallen tree to go.

Swimming and boating

In the province of Noord-Brabant is well taken. Security had most of the information out There. The Henry Dunanttunnel in the city, the main road was completely flooded. There was even swimming and canoeing, says Omroep Brabant.


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