World A grand pilgrimage to Mecca in " very limited...

A grand pilgrimage to Mecca in ” very limited number “


The courtyard of the Kaaba, this 7th day of march, in Mecca. The saudi arabian authorities have authorised the reopening of the holy place. — Abdel Ghani BASHIR / AFP

Saudi Arabia decided on Monday to maintain the end of July, the great muslim pilgrimage of Meccawith a “very limited number” of the faithful while the pandemic
coronavirus “continues to
accelerate” in the world according to the WHO.

Only the people of all nationalities “inside the kingdom” of saudi arabia will be able to perform the hajj, in accordance with the precautionary measures intended to contain the spread of the virus, said the agency. This is particularly the case in saudi Arabia, arab country of the Gulf is the most affected with an increase in the number of infections. The authorities have officially identified over 161,000 people infected, of which 1.307 died.

2.5 million muslims in 2019

Until then, Ryad maintained the uncertainty about holding of this pilgrimage, one of the largest religious gatherings in the world, which has attracted 2.5 million muslims in 2019, according to figures of the ministry in charge of the organizing.

The hajj pilgrimage, scheduled this year at the end of July, is one of the five pillars of islam. Because of its high traffic, it can also become a huge vector of contagion Covid-19, with faithful from around the world.


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