Health A drug effective against the Covid

A drug effective against the Covid


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Pandemic” After the announcement of the effectiveness of a steroid to save lives, the United Kingdom allows it.

It does not heal. But the dexamethasone, a steroid commonly used for its anti-inflammatory effect, can prevent dying from Covid-19. Less than twenty-four hours after the announcement of the effectiveness of this treatment by Recovery, the largest randomized controlled clinical trial (validated using a randomly selected sample) in the world, the National Health Service (NHS), the public health service of the united kingdom, has allowed the wide use of treatment to treat the patients who are most affected by the virus, under oxygen or under respiratory assistance.

“Thousands of lives will be saved in the Uk thanks to the immediate authorisation of the government given to the NHS to administer the first treatment in the world for the coronavirus which it has been proved that it reduces mortality”, announced yesterday the uk Department of health. The death toll from the Covid-19 in the Uk had to spend yesterday in the bar of the 42 000.

For the teacher Peter Horby, co-leader of the trial, the british carried out under the leadership of the University of Oxford, “this is a significant breakthrough”. “To this day, it is the only drug of which it has been demonstrated that it reduces mortality, and significantly reduced”, he added.

“The dexamethasone is the first drug to increase the chances of survival of the Covid-19. This is a result that is extremely welcome. The benefit for survival is clear and large for sick patients to the point of requiring medical oxygen, dexamethasone, therefore, should become now the standard treatment for these patients. The drug is inexpensive, available, and can be used immediately to save lives in the world,” he communicated.

Administered in very small dose (6 mg), dexamethasone reduces by 20% the risk of death for patients on oxygen and 35% for patients intubated on an artificial respirator. It is, in particular, by significantly reducing inflammation in the lungs. This means that the life of a patient on eight placed on life support could be saved and that of a patient twenty or twenty-five treated with a flow of oxygen.

The world health Organization (WHO) has hailed this result. “I congratulate the british Government, Oxford University and the many hospitals and patients in the United Kingdom who have contributed to this scientific breakthrough that will save lives,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general. Recovery has indicated that “given the public health significance of this breakthrough, researchers are working to publish soon all the details of the study”.

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