a doctor from Ecully indicted for a suspicious vaccination

A family from Saint-Priest (Rhône) was happy to find a vaccination slot, on December 29, with a doctor from Ecully. She quickly became disillusioned, as reported Progress. On the spot, the five people were first surprised to discover an apartment that had nothing to do with a doctor’s office.

Half-confessions of negligence

The doctor took saline, contained in a simple cup, before administering it to the first patient, who felt a sharp pain. As she intended to renew this unorthodox injection with the other members of the family, they, shocked, left the office to file a complaint.

Investigators dispatched to the practitioner’s premises discovered open or expired doses of vaccine. Indicted on January 6 for “endangering the lives of others, fraud or attempted aggravated fraud”, the 60-year-old general practitioner was placed under judicial supervision with a ban on practicing. always according to Progress, she would have admitted negligence but denied having pretended to vaccinate her patients.

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