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A doctor, a syrian accused of a “crime against humanity” arrested


A German policeman in Berlin in may 2020. — Odd ANDERSEN / AFP

He is accused of “crime against humanity “ and
torture in a prison the regime in Damascus. A doctor, a syrian was arrested on 19 June in
Germany where he had lived since 2015, announced on Monday, the federal prosecutor’s office.

Alaa M. was arrested on June 19, in Hesse on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by an investigating judge of the federal court. He is accused of a “crime against humanity” on a protester tortured to death in 2011 in a dungeon of the secret services of the regime Bashar al-Assad in Homs, said in a press release the prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe, in charge of the most sensitive cases. He was remanded in custody.

Hit with a plastic pipe

Alaa M. was working as a doctor in a prison of the secret services and the military, where he would be tortured, from October 23, 2011, a man imprisoned for having participated in a demonstration against the regime in Damascus.

“At the end of a” session of torture “, he (the inmate) made a seizure, following which a fellow prisoner asked a guard to warn a doctor, ” says the federal prosecutor’s office. “After his arrival, the accused, who was present as the doctor, suddenly hit A. with a plastic hose,” he continued. “Even after his fall, Alaa M. has continued to beat the victim and gave him a kicking. The next day, the state of health of A. has significantly deteriorated, ” according to the federal prosecutor’s office.

He practiced his profession in Germany

“After that the co-detainees had requested medical care, the accused was again presented, this time accompanied by another prison doctor. All two, armed each of them with a plastic pipe, then hit A. it has weakened, which could no longer walk alone, until he lost consciousness, ” describes the package.

“The victim was then rolled up in a blanket by several guards and taken away. The victim subsequently died “, according to the public prosecutor. Alaa M. had left the Syria mid-2015, and had won the Germany,
like hundreds of thousands of Syrians. He exercised his profession of physician.

Two former members of the intelligence services of syria, including a former high-ranking officer, are being tried before the court of Koblenz (Germany). They are judged for crimes against humanity and complicity in crimes against humanity for tens of deaths in a centre of detention and torture on several thousand prisoners.


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