A developer mined Bitcoin on a 33-year-old computer

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin into our lives, Crypto Mining started to spread. For crypto currency mining, which has multiple types, it is necessary to have very powerful hardware to perform mathematical-based operations in the blockchain network. The two most important factors here are; processor and video card.

Many devices, from ASIC or GPU cards to Raspberry Pi, can be used for Bitcoin mining. However, a developer named Dmitry Eliuseev made a move that would break all the rules. Eliuseev, from 1989 (about 33 years old) managed to mine BTC with an antique laptop.

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1 Bitcoin has to wait 584 years

The Toshiba T3200SX model laptop computer is from 1989, so it can’t even get close to today’s computers. The device has a frequency of 16 MHz, one of the most powerful processors of its era. Intel 80386SX CPU’and it’s getting power. The starting price of the MS-DOS-based Toshiba T3200SX is approx. It was US$6,299.

bitcoin mining
Toshiba T3200SX

Dmitry Eliuseev published his Bitcoin mining adventure with Toshiba T3200SX in the blog post transferred. Since there is no mining software for MS-DOS he created a compilation by his own effort and in this way, he said that he made the computer ready for mining. As a result of long efforts, he was able to excavate with this 33-year-old machine.

But mining with the Toshiba T3200SX was nothing like doing it with today’s powerful devices. Because inside the laptop Intel 80386SX the processor was doing the necessary mathematical calculations very slowly. device per second only 15 mixed performances achieved. According to Eliuseev’s estimates, this speed 584 years for 1 BTC It needs to continue mining.

Modern mining devices are 100 trillion times faster

Special components, called ASICs, made exclusively for cryptocurrency mining today, are 100 trillion times faster than the Toshiba T3200SX. 110 Terahash per second These devices, which have processing power, are frequently used in Bitcoin farms. In addition, ASICs are more advantageous in terms of power consumption.

According to the shared information, the T3200SX consumes 39W of power when under load, which means its owner. about $3.30 per month it costs. Of course, Dmitry Eliuseev’s goal is not to become Bitcoin rich with a 33-year-old computer. The developer stated in his blog post that his goal is to compare an MS-DOS-based computer with a modern computer.

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