A cycle with four classics of recent cinema, at the CajaCanarias Film Library

One of the films that can be seen throughout the month of September.
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The CajaCanarias Foundation will dedicate the cycle of its Film Library scheduled for next September to commemorate the anniversary of four recent film classics. In this way, the CajaCanarias Cultural Space located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife will host on the 6th, 13th, 20 and 27 of next month the screening of different feature films that turn 20 or 25 years since their premiere. Appointments will begin at 8:00 p.m. in all cases. Tickets to attend the different sessions, at a single price of three euros, are already on sale through the website www.cajacanarias.com.

Therefore, the programming of this cycle at the CajaCanarias Film Library will begin on September 6 with the screening of the iconic film Amélie (2001), directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and which catapulted its protagonist to world fame, French actress Audrey Tautou. The feature film tells the story of Amélie, who is not a girl like the others. He has seen his goldfish slide down the municipal sewers, his mother die in the Place de Nôtre-Dame and his father dedicate all his affection to a garden gnome. Suddenly, at 22, he discovers his goal in life: to fix the lives of others. From then on, he invented all kinds of strategies to intervene in the affairs of others: his concierge, who spends her days drinking Port wine; Georgette, a hypochondriac tobacconist, or the glass man, a neighbor who only sees the world through the reproduction of a painting painted by Renoir.

Seven days after the date with Amélie, the CajaCanarias Film Library will pay tribute to one of the great Japanese animation pieces of recent times: Spirited Away (2001). Chihiro is a ten-year-old girl who travels by car with her parents. After going through a tunnel, they arrive in a fantastic world, in which there is no place for human beings, only for the first and second class gods. When she discovers that her parents have been turned into pigs, Chihiro feels very lonely and scared.

The following Monday, September 20, the CajaCanarias Film Library will celebrate with its viewers the 25th anniversary of the most recognized script in the brilliant career of the Coen brothers: Fargo (1996), which recounts how a timid and timid man, married to his daughter From a millionaire who prevents him from enjoying his fortune, he decides to hire two criminals to kidnap his wife in order to start his own business with the ransom money. But, due to a series of hazardous circumstances, three brutal murders are added to the kidnapping, forcing the police to intervene.

The cycle of recent anniversaries launched by the CajaCanarias Film Library will bid farewell to its programming on September 27, congratulating this year’s quarter century for Beautiful Girls (1996), the most acclaimed and award-winning film from its director, Ted Demme. To attend a Willie Conway High School alumni reunion, a 29-year-old returns home to the small Massachusetts town of Knights Ridge. There you will have time to reflect on your future and on the youth that is running out. The dilemma before you is not easy: be a pianist or a sales representative. At the same time, Willie reconsiders his relationship with his girlfriend Tracy.


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