A completely naked babe went wild, smashed the bar, and finally … VIDEO 18+

A naked woman smashed a bar and hit the police with bottles, writes “Monitor“, referring to the” Daily Mail “. The action took place in Florida, USA.

Tina Kindred, 53, behaved “uncontrollably”, turned tables, climbed naked on the bar and then started breaking, throwing bottles of drinks on the floor.

Police arrived on the scene. In her madness, Tina threw at least three bottles at them, one of which hit the hand of a police officer.

Police had to use electric shocks to quell the enraged naked body.

Medical examination and tests showed that the woman did not use any drugs or alcohol, but had a fentanyl painkiller in her groin.

She has been charged with causing aggravated bodily harm and will likely have to pay a fine of several thousand dollars.



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