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“A common and immediate strategy is needed” – Libero Quotidiano


Europe has so far proved inadequate. Indeed, almost dangerous. So much so that too Romano Prodi, guest at What’s the weather like, seems to have noticed and warns of the true risk of the country in the midst of a coronavirus emergency. “A very large part of society has zero income – he explains in connection with Fabio Fazio -, we need to think about how to rebuild the country’s economic structure, how to rebuild Italy when we are out of this tragedy, we must prepare it now, urgently. “A clear arrow, that of the former Prime Minister, to the EU that is hit by a global crisis.” But the Dutch if the great crisis happens to who will sell the tulips? “.

The pandemic that is knocking out Italy is also having effects in other countries, this “is a war”, defines the then leader of the Olive Tree. “Draghi’s comparison is scientifically correct. It is not the 2008 crisis that starts from finance and then takes the rest of the economy, it takes everyone: the restaurateurs and those who have to go to eat.” And again: “In Europe there is no strategy for the future”, but “the group of countries that reject austerity by definition has become much stronger. The danger is finally perceived. The first step of the European Central Bank it helps “, but a “common strategy is needed and a strong immediate incentive for businesses as they are doing in America: families and businesses, because it is a crisis of supply and a crisis of demand “. A strategy whose shadow has not yet been seen.



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