“A century”, the new creation by Carole Thibaut at the Théâtre des Ilets in Montluçon (Allier)

Carole Thibaut has been working on the project since “virtually (her) arrival” at the head of the Théâtre des Ilets in 2016. “It was also in my application file” for the direction of the national drama center of Montluçon.

“A century”, his new creation played next week, from January 19 to 22, is the culmination of these years of research on “the history of Montluçon, Hérisson, factories”.

Three generations together two days and one night

It is presented in the form of a large family fresco as literature has given birth to illustrious ones. The pivot is Galia Libertad, fruit of the love of a Polish Jewess and a Spanish anarchist. The result is an explosive matriarch:

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She is a woman who overflows with life, with gargantuan sexuality, who has loved men, never wanted to get married, is very resilient. She is also a devouring mother figure.

Around which three generations gather for two days and one night. “It’s a blended family, with ties of love, tenderness”, beyond blood, which lives the last moments of Galia. She is dying.

This state promotes memory. It is a pretext for going back and forth in the stories that have built the characters. They are nine on stage, guided and abused by La Voix, that of Carole Thibaut. Sound and video cover the stage, enhanced by an enormous tree branch.

Labor and social movements, historical tragedies

We dissect “the symbolic relationship to History, to memory, to the living”. We talk about the Holocaust, the Algerian War, labor and social movements. MLF (Women’s Liberation Movement) feminism and current LGBTQI2SA+ demands (Lesbian Gay Trans Queers Questioning Intersex, Two-Spirit, Androgynous, Asexual and all others).

All these characters are crossed in their construction and their identity by the little stories that make up the big story. It creates destinies of which we are not necessarily aware. I wrote them for the actors I work with, artistic companions and, for many, companions of this place.

Carole Thibaut (Author)

The cast is made up of Olivier Perrier, co-founder of the Fédérés. Monique Brun is Galia Libertard. “Jean-Jacques Mielczarek was manager of this place and was a boilermaker at the start. We find Valérie Schwarz and Mohamed Rouabhi, Antoine Caubet and then the young troop of Ilets, ”list Carole Thibaut. They are Louise Héritier, Hugo Anguenot and Chloé Bouiller.

Characters born out of reality

They portray “fictional characters, but who exist in reality. Everything that is said is absolutely true”. The author, actress and director anchor her story in local tragedies.

The roundup of 143 Jews, on September 3, 1942 and parked in the Textiles camp in Prémilhat (the location of the bowling alley today) is one of them. Just like the massacre of the Carrière des Grises, in Prémilhat, where forty-two civilian prisoners were executed on August 14, 1944.

3D theater

So much for the outlines. The rest is to be discovered in the dining room. “It will be the tip of the iceberg. This is Carole Thibaut’s vision of theater, which for each of its characters knits together a whole network of facts and features. The viewer sees only a tiny part of it. Just like in real life. “If you want a piece to exist, you have to feel that behind it, there is a whole life. Otherwise, it’s 2D. “We want theater in 3D.

Discover the highlights of the Théâtre des Îlets in Montluçon (Allier) where the 2021-2022 season promises to be dense

Convenient. Wednesday 19 January, at 8.30 p.m., Thursday 20 and Friday 21 January at 7.30 p.m., and Saturday 22 January, at 6 p.m. Reservations on the website www.theatredesilets.fr or by phone at Choice of prices, €5, €10 or €15. Mandatory sanitary pass and masks.

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