A British woman was found dead in a camper on a Chengene scaffolding near Burgas

Chengene Scaffolding Cultural and Tourist Complex

A British woman was found dead in a camper located in the tourist complex Chengene Skele near the fishing village near Burgas. According to police, it was a suicide.

The British woman is 54 years old and was found with stab wounds in her leg, all covered in blood. The tragedy took place at Christmas, and the body was found by her friend – also an Englishman, much younger than her.

According to investigators, the woman was stabbed with a kitchen knife, as the blade struck an important artery and she died of acute blood loss.

After being questioned, the Briton was released. Police are working on a version of suicide after a scandal between the couple.

According to unconfirmed data, the two Britons arrived in Bulgaria around December 23. They settled in the new port of Chengene scaffolding, where there is a separate area for campers.



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