News A black Thursday evening and Friday on the roads...

A black Thursday evening and Friday on the roads of Liège: three people lost their lives, including two 17-year-old girls


Two 17-year-old girls and a 36-year-old woman were victims of the traffic.

The night of Thursday to Friday and the morning of Friday were the scene of two road accidents which caused the death of three young women in the province of Liège.

Thursday evening, around 11 p.m., a violent accident took place on the national road 697 between the village of La Reid and the top of the Maquisard coast. A vehicle driven by a young man from Theux and aged 24, swerved, rolls over and finished his race on the roof. On board were five young people who were on their way to the provincial institute of agricultural education at La Reid, where they were in boarding school.

It was the firefighters from the Vesdre Hoëgne & Plateau area who intervened. Three passengers were seriously injured. In the evening. Lea, 17, from Chinny, and Aurore, also 17, from Trooz, died from their injuries.

A young boy was seriously injured and taken to the CHU de Liège. The driver and a passenger were slightly injured. According to the division prosecutor, Gilles de Villers Grandchamps, the driver had not been drinking alcohol.

This Friday, the road was also deadly at Modave. It was around 8:00 am when the Saxo vehicle of a 36-year-old Marche resident had an accident.

The driver was traveling on the N63 in the Liège-Marche direction, just before the Bois-et-Borsu exit when she struck a post. The car wrapped around the light pole. Firefighters from the Hemeco area went to the site. The Bra-sur-Lienne medical helicopter also intervened. Unfortunately, when the emergency services arrived, the motorist had already died.


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