A 164-million-year-old plant fossil is the oldest example of a flowering bud

Afraid Florigerminis Jurassica Plants with clear stems, round fruit and petrified flower buds (marked with white arrows). (Image credit: NIGPAS)

Researchers have found the first examples of flower buds in 164 million-year-old plant fossils in China. This discovery greatly encourages the emergence of flowering plants in Indonesia era jurassic, between 145 million and 201 million years ago.

The fossil, found in China’s Inner Mongolia region, is 1.7 inches (4.2 cm) long and 0.8 inches (2 cm) wide. It has stems, leafy twigs, round fruit, and small flower buds measuring about 3 millimeters square. The researchers named the new species Florigerminis Jurassica.

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