Business 9 as a rule, in the case of Aldi,...

9 as a rule, in the case of Aldi, Lidl & co.: well-Known price-Trick for decades


The overhead for the dealer, not only because of the price boards, and to change digital Displays. Many of the branches have to plan for in addition, inventory-round loading, planned sales, new, and all this shortly before the summer holidays, and the holiday phase.

Traders also believe that customers rush to certain products, because they are now cheaper. These include drugstore products, and coffee are available. This would also have effects on ordering processes and margins.

Aldi and Lidl (from 22. June) want to pass on the tax reduction directly. It aims to benefit the customers with all products of daily needs. Also, Rewe, and Edeka have announced that to make the price reduction so that their customers can buy cheaper.

While the supermarket giant Tegut considered, apparently, the VAT until the cash is deducted, has Lidl adopted the 9-Cent-rule. The company uses the VAT touring from 22. June through. In the current prospectus shows that Lidl has made no rounding. Rather, the full VAT reduction was passed on.

The “food newspaper” had previously reported plans, the prices at discount stores for food to fall to 1.9 percent (lower tax rate) to decrease. In the case of goods, it is 2.5 per cent down (normal VAT of 19 percent). Thus, a rounding to full 0 and 5 should be – prices.

From the industry circles, it was called at the time, the idea had been positively from its competitors adopted.


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