News 85 days to see his father, an Argentine crosses...

85 days to see his father, an Argentine crosses the Atlantic in a boat


“Mission accomplished”, and these words across the seas Argentine Juan Manuel Ballestero expressed his joy after he succeeded in crossing the Atlantic in a small boat alone, to see his elderly parents after his inability to be on a plane from Portugal to his home because of the pandemic of these-19.

Shouted Ballestero on arrival to the marina in his hometown Mar del Plata “we’ve succeeded! It worked!”, the According to the Agence France-Presse,

The man spent 47 years 85 days exhausted on a boat, young adult length of 9 meters.

And on arrival to check these-19 came as a result of his negative gesture can get off to the mainland to see his mother Nilda prominent 82-year-old and his father Carlos, the son of the ninetieth.

He explained Ballestero, “you have achieved what you stress for him in the last three months. I had so to be with my family. That’s why I came”.

Was hoping to make it to Argentina in May 15 to coincide with the attainment of his father’s nine, but failed to do so but he managed to celebrate Father’s day with his family.

Plans Ballestero, who works in Spain for his journey to the ambitious single-handedly non-cancelled flights to Argentina because of the pandemic.

During his long journey he learned that “people die every day by the thousands while I was in the middle of nature..I could see whales and dolphins in a human go through this ordeal”.

And no news about the family duration of 54 days.

His father said Carlos, smiling, “but we were aware it was coming, didn’t we have doubts that it will reach Mar del Plata to be with parents”.

And died a thousand people in Argentina by the virus, many of them elderly.

Cut Ballestero distance of 12 thousand kilometers during his adventure, was his first stop in Vitoria in Brazil’s last before his arrival to Argentina in the La Paloma in Uruguay.

The bat vehicle “square” head is now at club Mar del Plata Marine will Looking soon… variety is not planning to travel soon.


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