8 Ashanty Family Members Called Positive for Covid-19, Ministry of Health Revealed List

PEOPLE’S MIND – Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health), Nadia Tarmizi sites speak up about the family group Ashanty who allegedly exposed Covid-19.

according to Nadia Tarmizi sitesThere are 15 people who have tested positive for Covid-19 from the plane they were traveling on Ashanty.

Not only that, spokesperson Ministry of Health The statement reveals that if there are 8 positive people, it is suspected that one of them is Ashanty.

Nadia Tarmizi sites reveals that there are 6 women and 2 men.

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“From the big family who made the trip, 8 people were positive, of which 6 were women and 2 were men,” said Siti Tarmizi.

Spokesman Ministry of Health it reveals the initials of the passengers on the plane Ashanty exposed to Covid-19.

He mentioned the initials of 6 women and 2 initials for men.

“There are 6 women, the initials are V, JC, RAS, then there is S, there is AH, then there is AS,” said Nadia Tarmizi sites.


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