700,000 people have already tested their banking identity. A mass signature is being prepared

Authentication on the Internet via banking identity 700,000 people have tried it at least once in its first year of operation. Data from the Czech Banking Association show this. According to her, around 400,000 people had some form of electronic identity before the introduction of banking identity.

The vast majority of users have signed up for state services through this news. Every seventh person who uses a “digital citizen” to communicate with state institutions has used it as well BankID for access to business services.

The bank identity has been operating since the beginning of last year for communication with the state – typically when logging in to the Citizen’s Portal, the Moje daně portal, the eRecept, the Czech Social Security Administration ePortal, filling in the electronic census questionnaire, applying for a driver’s license withdrawal of vaccination certificates or use of the CSSA pension calculator.

She was the first to launch it in January Česká spořitelna a ČSOB, gradually added Moneta Money Bank, Air Bank, Commercial Bank a Raiffeisenbank. About four and a half million bank clients now have the service activated. “If we manage to connect other banks that are working on it, this number will increase this year to five and a half to six million clients,” says Pavel Kolář, the manager of digitalization at the Czech Banking Association, who was involved in the birth of the banking identity.

Source: CBA, BankID

Which banks have already joined and which will join this year? Click to enlarge.

During the first half of 2022, according to the association, they plan to launch a bank identity for their clients banka wire, mBank a UniCredit Bank. They should join later this year Banka Creditas a Sberbank.

Since last spring, banks have been expanding the use of identity (under the name BankID) for online communication with some private companies. There are currently 70 companies, such as ČEZ, Pražská plynárenská, Generali Česká pojišťovna, Sazka, MallPay or some banks. Currently, five banks provide this service to their clients: Air Bank, Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Komerční banka and Moneta. Raiffeisenbank will join in the near future.

According to the company Banking Identity, which provides use for companies, their interest in BankID is great and they expect a doubling of the number of companies involved this year. “However, the potential in the Czech Republic is much higher; thousands of companies can have BankID,” says Jan Blažek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banking Identity. According to Marek Růžička, Executive Director of Bank Identity, Bank ID is now mainly of interest to healthcare and e-commerce companies. But some schools are also interested.

Since last October, the bank identity can also be used for other innovations called BankID Sign. With it, you can sign a contract or PDF document online as easily and quickly as when you log in electronic banking. Česká spořitelna, ČSOB and Komerční banka were the first to launch this guaranteed digital signature in mid-November. It can now also be used by Moneta’s clients and is scheduled to become available to Air Bank clients in February. Raiffeisenbank, which wants to, should follow BankID Signstart deploying joint with the Bank ID service for the corporate sector.

“The goal of this year is to extend BankID Sign to the possibility of signing more documents in one login, ie a so-called mass signature. We also plan to have qualified certificates issued, “said Růžička.

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