7 sports news, don’t miss it today

Today, Sunday, August 23, 2020, witnessed many important sports news, on top of which is Al-Ahly’s thinking about not renewing Marwan Mohsen, and Zamalek spent 800 thousand pounds to Hazem Imam after accepting the petition he submitted.

Zamalek disburses 800 thousand pounds to Hazem Imam after accepting the petition

Zamalek management spent 800 thousand pounds for Hazem Imam, the right-back of the team, which is his participation rate for last season’s competitions, after submitting a petition about that percentage of his posts with the white in the past season, and the player returned to participate with the team at the top 120 after recovering from Injury to the front muscle, so Al-Abyad won a 3/1 victory over Al-Ahly, in the match that brought them together at Cairo International Stadium, in the 21st round of the Premier League championship.

Surprise … Al-Ahly is discussing withdrawing the extension of Marwan Mohsen’s contract

Sources revealed to the seventh day that the Al-Ahly club management and the planning committee decided to reconsider the file of Marwan Mohsen’s contract extension, despite the player’s signing of a new contract during the past few days that requires extending his contract for two additional seasons other than the next season remaining in his contract so that the 2023 season ends.

Osama Faisal tops the list of El Derby’s youngest scorer after his goal at the top 120

Osama Faysal, the rising Zamalek striker, became the youngest scorer in Derby between the White Knight and Al-Ahly in the last twenty years, after his goal against the red team at the 120th summit, as Osama Faysal scored against Al-Ahly yesterday at the age of 19 years and 7 months, while he was the youngest scorer in Derby In recent years, Mohamed Ibrahim, a former Zamalek player and the current clearinghouse, scored against the red team at the age of 20 years and 6 months.

Al-Ahly admits mistakes after the Zamalek trilogy and refuses to make changes to the technical staff

Al-Ahly club management refused to make changes in the team’s technical apparatus after losing Zamalek by three goals to one goal during the match that brought them together yesterday, Saturday, in the 21st round of the Premier League championship. A source in Al-Ahly said that the club management, whether at the level of the board of directors or the planning committee, recognizes the existence of errors in the team, which was clearly evident in the Zamalek match yesterday, whether in terms of the modest capabilities of some players and their failure over the past period to prove themselves with the team or mistakes from Aside from the technical director in managing some matches, the last of which was the Zamalek meeting.

Carteron uses Abdullah Jumaa to lead the Zamalek front after Abdel Shafi was injured

The French Patrice Carteron, the technical director of Zamalek, set up a special program for Abdullah Jumaa, the left back of the team, to equip it to lead the left front of the team during the next stage, starting with the confrontation of the Arab Contractors, scheduled for next Thursday, within the framework of the 22nd round of the General League competition , After the injury suffered by Mohamed Abdel Shafi, the left back of Zamalek at the top 120 in front of Al-Ahly, in the 21st round of the league, where Abdel Shafi suffered a fracture of the collar bone and will be absent from the white team for a period of nearly 60 days.

The television chief referred the exit of the summit match for investigation due to national peace

Naela Farouk, President of Egyptian Television, decided to refer Hisham Abdel Wadoud, director of the summit match 120 between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, for investigation before the legal affairs due to errors in broadcasting the match and angered the fans of Zamalek.

Mohamed Abdel Shafi undergoes successful surgery after fracturing his collarbone at the top

Mohamed Abdel Shafi, the left back of Zamalek, underwent a successful surgery today in a hospital in Mohandessin after suffering a fracture of the collarbone during the Al-Ahly match yesterday, and during the surgery supervised by Dr. Mohamed Osama, head of the team’s medical system, he installed a chip and screws in order to fix the fracture. What he suffered after a joint ball with Walid Suleiman, the Al-Ahly player, in the last minutes of the match, which led to his exit injured minutes before the end of the match that brought the two teams together in the 120th summit, which ended with Zamalek winning 3/1, in the 21st round of the Premier League.


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