News 65 million in quarantine ... China reveals a surprise...

65 million in quarantine … China reveals a surprise about the number of corona virus victims


Euronews, broadcast a video confirming the existence “Slight” increase in rate
Infection with a virus Sk The new with a high death toll.

The Chinese authorities said they recorded an increase
A slight infection rate Sk New, after confirmation of the death of 105 infected with the virus
In recent hours, Chinese official media reported that the Chinese parliament
Its annual cycle may be postponed due to a virus crisis Sk

The New China News Agency said that the council
China’s ruler will “discuss a draft” regarding the postponement of the People’s Congress
The national ten days, before the meeting scheduled on the fifth of March.

The terrible Corona virus is disappearing soon from this country

Corona virus threatens 50% of the British population .. and health warns

The death toll from a virus has risen
Sk What is new in China today is 1770 cases, according to the Chinese National Health Committee
, The number of injuries reached more than 70,548 in all other
Across China, most are in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the virus that recorded Monday, 2,048 infections

The Chinese authorities have subdued about 56 million people
In Hubei and its capital, Wuhan, were quarantined, so the province was virtually isolated from other regions
, And1,200 military medical personnel were sent
Additional supplies and additional supplies to the Wuhan virus hotspot
Two hospitals were built ready and transformed the games halls
Athletic and other spaces to the wards of those infected with the virus, but there are many infected
Waiting for beds in hospital or until ambulances arrive.


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