61 cases of the new strain Omicron in the Netherlands

COVID-19. PHOTO: Reuters

About 61 cases of COVID-19 identified among passengers arriving in the Netherlands from the Republic of South Africa (South Africa) yesterday are likely to be on the new Omicron variant. This was announced today by the Dutch health authorities, quoted by world agencies, BTA reported.

According to the National Institute of Health and the Environment of the Netherlands, tests were performed on 624 passengers who arrived on November 26 from South Africa. Coronavirus has been found in 61 of them and they are currently all in isolation.

According to preliminary data, the Omicron variant has been identified in many of the tested, the organization noted, promising to provide more accurate information tomorrow.

The decision to test passengers from two flights arriving from the Republic of South Africa was taken by the Dutch authorities against the background of the spread in the region of the new variant of the coronavirus, which may be more dangerous than previously known strains. Therefore, yesterday the Netherlands suspended air connections with the countries of southern Africa, and the countries in the region are included in the list of countries to which travel is associated with extremely high risk and provides self-isolation upon return.

New measures announced in London today in an attempt to stop the spread of the new African strain of coronavirus, and in Milan they also confirmed a case.

Germany has announced two cases of infection – in the province of Bavaria, and the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry recommended not to travel to South Africa.


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