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6 tips to help you extend the battery life of your phone iPhone.. try it


The Apple throughout the years to improve the battery life of an iPhone for as long as possible during the day, however we find that sometimes the battery faster than expected, especially if the phone is a little old, here are 6 tips to help you extend the battery life of the iPhone:

1 – activate the battery the:

Enabled Apple TV in the iOS version 13 and later versions, the feature allows charging the battery the Optimized Battery Charging to improve battery life by reducing the time spent the iPhone to charge it fully.

When you do this feature, the iPhone will delay the charging after 80% in certain cases, through the use of machine learning technology Machine Learning to learn the routine of daily charging on your own, so that they will not publish water only when your phone it will be connected to a charger for a long period of time.

Include the feature by default when setting up the iPhone or after updating to iOS 13 or any later version, but you can be sure to activate the feature by following the steps below:

Open the Settings app.

Click on the battery option Battery, then select Battery Health Battery Health.

Make sure that the Switch next to the option for Optimized Battery Charging in operating mode.

2 – management applications that drain the battery:

You can check the statistics of the use of the battery by opening the Settings app and choose battery to Battery, you will see the charts let you see the battery level, in addition to the applications that use the most battery power, if you find an application you don’t need it and drains the battery quickly, you can delete it.

3 – Activate Dark Mode:

Helps activate Dark Mode on to extend battery life for phones that include a screen of the OLED, such as: iPhone X, Xs, and XS Max, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, in order to activate the feature, follow these steps:

Go to the Settings app.

Select the display brightness.

Click on the The Dark Dark.

4. run the low-power mode:

Considered a feature of Low Power Mode Low Power Mode Water best if you are worried about battery life, since the implementation of many actions to reduce battery drain, such as: reducing screen brightness when the battery is weak, adjusting the animation effects present in the apps, turn off animated backgrounds.

Open Settings.

Scroll down and tap on battery option.

Did the low power mode by clicking the switch button next to it.

5 – reduce the operating features that you don’t need:

One of the features that suggest Apple Disable to preserve battery life, are: Background App Refresh, so this feature allows for applications activation periodically in the background to download updates, such as: emails, raise other data, such as: images, to your account in the cloud storage service.

6. Check The Battery Health and replace it with:

If the battery life of the iPhone is weak significantly, it may be time to replace it, especially if the age of your phone more than two years, if your phone is still within the warranty period or within the service +AppleCare contact the company, or button to the nearest maintenance center to replace the battery for free.



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